Dating a girl with a bad laugh Naked women for chatting

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Dating a girl with a bad laugh

A funny guy without anything else is just a glorified comedian, right? Well, first you have to sort of emulate who you think is funny. Pick a few famous comedians and then start watching their material.

Look at their body posture, their delivery, what they say, and how they act. Why does your brain interpret it the way it does, and why does it make you laugh?

Yes, they can be have a great job, be stable, blah-blah, but unless they know how to make you laugh, you’re likely going to be miserable at some point. To make a long story short, if you’re not with someone who can make you laugh, you’re fucked.

I’ve been in relationships where the person seems great on paper, but they had the personality of a doorknob. Have you ever met someone who’s really funny and thought they were stupid? Funny people are usually witty as hell, and it’s not that hard to see that their wit stems from being incredibly smart.

Many guys think that all women want a man who knows how to make a girl laugh… However, the importance of cracking jokes and making girls laugh when picking up on them is FAR overstated…

Tickling a girl’s funny bone is the easiest way to make a girl fall in love with you.

But it’s also riddled with dangers that are not easy to see.

By simply observing your favourite comedians (and picking them apart), you can pick up on some similarities between all of them. It’s a little abstract, but believe it or not, there are some proven “formulas” that have been proven to make a lot of people laugh.

The classic “pie in the face” is proven to be a funny act (for its time).

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This isn’t a skill that can be developed overnight.

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