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Dating moron

There are as many kinds of paternal advice as there are fathers and father figures.

I asked around and some of it surprised me — and I'm not easily surprised.

Le Grand's husband asked her to keep the woman away from their children, and Le Grand took the children and left the home, deputies said.

He reads a lot of science fiction and watches Star Trek (). ”“Oh…well, currently he works as a server, but he took a lot of astronomy classes in high school. I know if you gave him a chance you’d realize he’s the perfect fit! If this situation were to play out in real life, the poor girl would get laughed out of the restaurant, or you’d be wondering in what level of delusion she currently lives. It’s like they’re trying to justify a 2-star hotel for being a 2-star hotel.

Just because you, I, and everyone else on Earth might have the “potential” to become an astronaut doesn’t mean we’re going to be one. While they may not use the word “potential,” they’ll justify actions, behaviors, or nuances that most of us would find alarming (more on that in a second). Two-star hotels are supposed to have clean sheets, HBO, locks on the door, and a shower that works.

There is certainly an element of self-fulfilling prophesy at play, but regardless: when I have an excellent hunch that a date will be a grand slam (not to be confused with a home run — but that, too), I am very rarely wrong.

And I had a sense about this one was going to be special.

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Dating guys with potential is like settling for a 2-star hotel.

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