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As a former dragon boat national team captain and member of the Philippines Olympic Committee, Geraldine’s original action plan was to establish a social enterprise, Athletes Beyond Sports, to advocate for the human and economic rights of elite-level Filipino athletes.

This argument takes shape as an open-ended series of encounters, moving between a singular academic voice and the “we” of various research collaborations, between Vancouver and the Philippines, and between genres of “evidence-based” social scientific research, personal testimony, theatrical performance, and nonfictional narrative writing.

I knew it would be a bit strange for her family who were all Catholics and had hardly heard of the Orthodox Church, but Fr.

Lawrence spoke Visayan, the local language, and was able to explain a few things about the service.

When I started working with Francois, I had never had a Spirit or Business Coach before and didn't know what to expect.

Because of the financial commitment required to hire a coach, it took me a few months to pull the trigger and get started.

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Pratt moves seamlessly between theory and everyday life as she tells stories that are at once intimate and global, emotional and analytical, mundane and politically significant. focuses on Filipino overseas workers in Canada to reveal what such arrangements mean for families on both sides of the global divide.

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