Networks backdating

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Options backdating occurs when companies grant options to their executives that correspond to a day where there was a significantly lower share price.

It should be noted that no platform sold in a stocking order may receive warranty or support service, or may have a subscription attached to it, until the distributor has provided the necessary POS data to Palo Alto Networks.Warranty Warranty start is tied directly to the ship date for hardware, or the email delivery of the authorization code for software.For details on product warranty, please refer to: https://Technically, any options granted today should bear a strike price of .In a backdated situation, however, the options would be granted today (August 16), but their listed day of granting would be June 1 in order to give the options a lower strike price.

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Summary This document outlines the use of “grace periods” at Palo Alto Networks in the activation and entitlement of warranty, support and subscriptions.

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