Rob estes dating mitzi kapture

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Rob estes dating mitzi kapture

Hottie Rob Estes hardly ever wore underwear (which was apparent in many episodes where his VPL was obvious beneath his slacks), and Mitzi Kapture was never without her miniskirt.

They made a good pair, but unfortunately the producers felt the need to kill Rob's character off later in the series.

Brill's real-life wife Mitzi Mc Call played Lipschitz's free-spirited wife Frannie on the series, and the two provided some occasional comic relief amid the dramatic tension of the storylines.

They also appeared in the second season playing completely different characters.

--David Horiuchi OMG I remember this show I used to watch it every night on USA when it was on.

Rob Estes always struck me as a very weak imitation of every cute action star-- he couldn't act, he wasn't quite handsome enough, and he was terrible in action and fighting scenes. But Mitzi was actually a pretty good actress, and I thought she'd have a career. Loved the fact that they both called each other the same nickname, "Sam". It was on network television for 2 seasons, then moved to USA for the following 6. He had great eyes, a great bod, a nice ass, and then there was the aforementioned VPL. (In case of [italic]Silk Stalkings[/italic], it moved to USA Network.)This was not a show one viewed for quality of anything. The series portrays the daily lives of two detectives who solve sexual-based crimes of passion ("silk stalkings") among the ultra-rich of Palm Beach, Florida.Early in the series, Ben Vereen played Rita's boss Captain Hutchinson ("Hutch").High-profile crimes of passion drove this glossy show about Palm Beach homicide cops who conquered cable after leaving CBS's `Crimetime After Primetime' lineup. `Silk Stalkings' had a number of important cast changes over its eight seasons, most notably the abrupt midseason departures of stars Rob Estes and Mitzi Kapture (who had been with the series si High-profile crimes of passion drove this glossy show about Palm Beach homicide cops who conquered cable after leaving CBS's `Crimetime After Primetime' lineup.

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This was one of the few times the replacements were much better than the original actors. Rob and Mitzi were on the first four seasons, and then they were replaced by two other actors who the fans hated and who only lasted one season before Chris Potter and Janet Gunn became the permanent new team for the last 3 seasons. It was exploitative fare; fun sex with as much skin within television network boundaries; and it was escapist entertainment.

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