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The demonstrations come two days before Commonwealth heads of government, including David Cameron, arrive in Colombo for a biennial summit.

All protests were banned by the Sri Lankan government in the run-up to the meeting.

But I was never able to glean much from those conversations – usually about politics or what so-and-so’s son back home was up to – to fill in the holes of his past.

Although my parents spoke Tamil in the house, enrolled me in (classical Indian dance) classes as a child, and made regular pilgrimages to a Hindu temple near Pittsburgh, the only tangible evidence of my dad’s life in Sri Lanka were a few wallet-sized black-and-white portraits that had been preserved in yellowed envelopes or stuck into the crook of a disintegrating photo album. How did he get to school every day, and did it look more like mine or the one on My dad never responded to my probing questions in a satisfying way.

My dad’s version was pretty close to Aesop’s original, except that the hunk of cheese was actually a To a five-year-old growing up in suburban north Toronto, this was an absurd image, and one I added to a patchwork of others in an attempt to understand Sri Lanka, where my parents were from but rarely spoke to me about.

I understood a rough outline of why they and many other Tamils had left their troubled country and made Canada their home.

When the after-dinner drinks flowed, my dad’s booming voice would always rise above his friends’, his anecdotes winning out over theirs through a combination of charisma and sheer volume.The British high commission in Sri Lanka has been informed of the situation.The editor of Channel 4 News, Ben de Pear, who is on the train, also informed the office of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who is reported to have personally invited Channel 4 to visit any part of the country. Due to her husband's psychological impotency, the magistrate has much consensual affection for her child and that cause so much tension between the couple and between the father and the son.There is a clue that there are much darker secrets lying behind their sophisticated mansion walls.

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Once secured in a closed off room, they wait for the footsteps to disappear.

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