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Also, and somewhat surprisingly as this is some serious mindreader sh*t, she knew the 1300 number i was meant to call to unsubscribe and the opening hours of the premium SMS provider (pretty impressive for a first time complaint! She also said I would have to call back when I got the bill to get a refund...Not happy with that response i dropped into the Telstra store on Bourke St.A new tab launched (as they usually do) in the background and within a few seconds I had closed it (without opening the actual page).I did remember the name of the tab though: "Madfun.mobi"...So I called Telstra, and after some trial and error managed to speak to a human.

Our chat rooms have people from every corner of the world waiting to chat.

Within a few seconds I had received an SMS notifying I had signed up for Mad for .99/wk.

"Hi you've subscribed to costing you .99/wk on your next bill. Let me be clear: I was not using my mobile to browse, I was using my laptop tethered to my phone...

Let us suppose there is a woman in Tyldesley ward, in Wigan, which Bleakley represents, who has a problem she wants to take up with a local councillor.

Is she really expected to go to this man who is on record as thinking that women are “idiots” and “just cooking and washing material”?

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Here are some of the biggest headlines from MSN's short but dare we say it, important contribution to instant messaging.

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