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Try right clicking on your World of Warcraft icon and go to ' Open File location.' Do you now see a folder called ' Temp Mig'?

If you pull up your game launcher and go to Downloader Preferances from the Options menu, do you have the Download while playing and Download after exiting options checked?

Once you kill a new boss, get your officer to log in and press the update button and you'll get faster update if the queue is too long.

(To remind, any guild officer (rank 0-1) can become guild profile administrator by registering and confirming officer characters) - EU English region has been added (contains Enligsh language realms on Europe) - All regional rankings now include achievement lists and graphs - Tier9 and Tier8 rankings are now read-only To allow instant updates, we've migrated to new data storage.

Patch 5.2 Features Wo W Droid Armory Mo P Features Patch 5.2: Throne of Thunder & Raid Schedule | Isle of Thunder | World Boss Nalak Guide | World Boss Oondasta Guide & Loot Table | Season 13 Armor Preview | Tier 15 Armor Set Preview Mists of Pandaria: New Race: Pandaren | New Class: Monk | New Dungeons and Raids | New Class Talent System | New Pet Battle System | New Challenge Modes Patch 4.3: S11 Sets | Legendary Daggers | New Mounts | New Dungeons and Raid: End Time Well of Eternity Hour of Twilight Dragon Soul | Void Storage | Transmogrification | Classic Two-handed Swords | Two-handed Axes | Coming Soon Tier 13: Warrior | Druid | Paladin | Shaman | Warlock | Mage | Rogue | Pirest | Hunter | Tier 13 Set Bonuses Overview: Deathwing | System Changes | Underwater Kingdom | Guild System | Tips New Races: The Goblins (Horde) | The Worgens (Alliance) Revamped Areas: Orgimmar | Stormwind | Azeroth Classes Changes: Paladin | Death Knight | Druid | Hunter | Mage | Priest | Rogue | Shaman | Warlock | Warrior New Battleground: Twin Peak The Megaboomer Pandaren Female Blood Elf Ranger The World of Warcraft private server, Nostalrius, which shut down to meet privately with Blizzard to discuss the idea of official legacy servers before Blizzcon gave its code to the Elysium private servers after no official word of legacy servers was made at Blizzcon... As part of Diablo’s 20th anniversary, you can now access one of the most famous levels in Diablo – the cow level.

World of Warcraft, on the other hand, wants to do something different.

Blizzard has announced a schedule of micro-holidays meant to commemorate real-world events...

You can change the guild name in the textbox above if the name is different in the armory, such as different spacing or special characters. To get this value find your guild name in an armory search then copy out everything between the 'n=' and the '&p'.

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